Sunday, October 10, 2010

Don't let this turn into something it's not, I can only give you everything I've got.

Okay, I'm giving this a go! My friends started a blog and I didn't even think I would start one too. Maybe this can be a place where I can vent about anything I am feeling at any moment. As of right now I have a lot of things on my mind but right now I'm just going to go with who I am.
I'm Betsy, I'm 20 years old about to be 21 in a month! I go to college to study Criminal Justice and I'm undecided on what I'm going to be. I can be outgoing but I can be shy around people I don't know.  I love my family and friends. I don't trust a lot of people and I guess I can be well guarded around people I just meet. I love to read books and my goal for the year is to read 25 books and I'm only on book 17! I work at China Gate Restaurant and have been for like 6 years. I'm weird but who isn't? I love to watch movies and listen to music. I've even consider being a movie critic because I always seemed to criticize movies.

Okay that's it for now.
Oh yeah I miss Up North terribly!


  1. HURRAY!
    I'm so happy you started a blog! :)

    Nice first post too!

  2. Haha! Thanks! Yeah I wasn't going too but then last night I was bored and figured why not?

  3. Oh Betsy! You're not shy around me, that must mean were BEST friends :)

    I miss Up North too! lets go!

    Also, I did not know your goal was to read 25 books this year, keep up the good work!

    P.S. I like the picture!

  4. BETSY! Blogs are great! I'm glad you made one too. I'll have to creep yours. Legit; this is a good first post.