Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just a little bit of everything.

Today I woke up about 12 like always:) but today I woke up because of my dream that I had. The dream was about me getting shot 3 times in my backyard and I was still running around trying to get away even though I was shot 3 times! I don't know who the person was who shot me, some black guy. I got shot in the arm and when I woke up my arm hurt real bad. I thought it was so weird.

So last night I watched Reviving Ophelia on lifetime. It was a decent movie I suppose for a lifetime movie. The movie was based on the book Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls by Mary Pipher. I've never read the book but it's on my list.

Someone who beats up there significant other because they have anger issues or have the genetic factor of their parents being abusive is NOT okay in my book. Now usually it's men who beat up women which is mostly true but after watching Teen Mom it could also be women beating up men. When women are in a abusive relationship, they usually blame themselves for their partner's outburst on them! And this is not okay and it never will be okay. It's never your fault that a man hits you. Just because you might of made him mad does not justify what he did was okay. Well, I could go on forever talking about this but I will stop where I am at.

Today and well always people never cease to amaze me. I don't get people at all especially people who are close to me. That's why I can never trust anyone and I don't depend on people anymore. I have stopped doing that when I was little when people always let me down. Even if it was a little thing. Nothing is ever absolute.

Here is something to lighten up this post!

I love pandas! Some of you already know that.


  1. That video is so adorable. I could think of some better music to back it though.

    I watched Reviving Ophelia too. It was decent. That girl who was getting beat up was SO dumb.

    Funny thing: I was reading an article for my women studies lecture, and the lady who wrote the article was comparing the research she did on the novel Reviving Ophelia. And I was reading this like an hour before the movie came on. Wierd, no?

    A GREAT book to read (that is kind of about domestic violence) is Breathing Underwater. I totes recommend it!

  2. Betsy! that video is funny! and I liked that movie too.

    also, I hope your last paragraph wasn't about me :( I love you!

  3. I have a hard time trusting people too, Betsy, and I'm with you on the domestic violence front. It's never acceptable.

  4. Nothing is ever absolute, not even this blog.