Thursday, March 10, 2011

Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives is my 3rd favorite show of all time! I have to give credit to Nathan and Matt for getting me into the show. I first started watching it in 2009, the beginning of the sixth season. At first I did not want to watch it but I got hooked. So I started watching reruns of it on Lifetime and get caught up but I never watch the full complete episodes sometimes because of me working or school. So I started watching it on Netflix(love by the way) so I can get caught up completely.

After watching the first season, I realized that this could very well be one my favorite shows. It's such a funny show that I've laughed out loud many times. I love the characters on the show so much. I would have to say I like Susan(Teri Hatcher) the best! She's funny and clumsy as hell but she's also a strong woman and all the clumsiness makes her adorable. But I do like all the other characters just as much. I really liked season one because it showed you how the housewives aren't as perfect as they might seem on the outside. I have to say I adore Susan and Mike together! They are definitely the best couple on the show. I can't think of my favorite episode. A lot of them I love and as season 6 started it's gone downhill just like most shows do.

I would say either Season 4 or 5 are my favorite seasons. It's a great show and it's fun to watch. There are definitely some sad episodes that have made me cry and some great acting in the series. I just finished watching season 1-6 recently and now I miss it! Even though I have new episodes to look forward too in this season but it's not the same for some reason. Every time I watch the show, I always think who am I most like? I can't really say one character I'm like the most but there are definitely moments where I go that's definitely would be me!

Here is a video of some scenes from the series. Couldn't find a really good one.


  1. I know what you mean when you say you miss it. When I was getting caught up a couple years ago watching it on lifetime, it was so much fun because it was two new episodes every day for me. And now, I have to wait so long, blah blah.

    Great show.

    I'm assuming your favorite shows are: OTH, N/T, then DH?

  2. Yeah now we have to wait til april for a new episode! No, nip/tuck is my fourth and then third is DH. Then I'm going to blog about the other two shows in the coming days.

  3. I always find myself identifying with one or more of the characters too. I think everyone does that. Or maybe it's just us. I haven't been sucked into this one, but...

  4. SUSAN SUCKS. Can't believe she is your favorite!