Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Tree Hill


My favorite show of all time is of course One Tree Hill! I'm pretty much obsessed with the show. It's an amazing show and has many great quotes to go along with it! It's mainly about teenagers trying to find out who they are in a small town but it's definitely more exciting than just that. I didn't start watching it religiously until about 2007 or 2008. I watched episodes here and there when it was on in like 2003 or 2004 but I always forgot to watch the next episode the next week. Now a lot of people would say this is just another teen drama but I don't believe it is. It has so many great episodes about so many different topics. 

I love the show because of the characters on the show. The main five: Chad Michael Murray(Lucas), James Lafferty(Nathan), Hilarie Burton(Peyton), Bethany Joy Galeotti(Haley), and Sophia Bush(Brooke) all have amazing chemistry together. They are such good friends outside of the show so when they act together, you can tell that they enjoy working with each other. My favorite character is Peyton. She can be very dark and tortured since she has had a lot of bad things happen to her but in the end she comes out as a fighter. I love that she draws and is a music junkie as well. 
Here are some of the drawings that Peyton did. 
I would have to say my favorite season was season 4. It had my favorite couple together(Peyton & Lucas) with some pretty great shockers and story lines. Season 3 is definitely a close second. It had the best episode ever in season 3. Where there was a school shooting and most the characters were trapped inside. It was a very sad episode and it was going to change their lives forever. The other favorite episode of mine is in season 4 when they win the state championship. 
Here are a couple of fan made videos from that episode. This episode was superbly acted by everyone and it really showed that this could really happen anywhere.

As the seasons went by it's definitely gone downhill. To me I stopped watching it after Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton left at the end of season 6. It wasn't the same show without them. I wish they would come back for season 8 but I doubt that they will. I bought season 7 on dvd about two months ago and I've only watched the first two episodes. I can't get into and it just bums me out because this show was awesome and I have to admit season 8 is good so far. I will always be a fan of the main five characters on the show and it even had good story lines with the adults when they were in high school. In season 5 they jumped forward four years after everyone was done with college and it was interesting to see where everyone landed.  

WOW this is a really long post!! But I adore this show too much and love the actors on the show. OH and the music from this show is phenomenal! I download most of the music that I hear in episodes! They know how to use music to go along with a scene. Also, the episodes are named after songs. They've had some guest musical stars on there to perform as well. 

This song is my favorite song! It was featured in one of the episodes from season 1.

This clip is a such a great scene between Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush. They are best friends in the show and they have had some major setbacks in their friendship. This one has flashbacks but it's the only one I could embed on here.

Here is the last video that a fan made. It pretty much summarizes what One Tree Hill is! 


  1. Dude, I don't watch OTH, but I liked reading this and watching those clips. That one between Brooke and Peyton was insane. Such good acting and I really felt for the actors. The school shooting was nuts too. It seems like a really good show and that Vast song was great. I like that Peyton draws too. That's exciting. This show seems really dramatic, but that's not a bad thing. I guess most shows are. Yeah this was a long entry, but I can tell how passionate you are about this show so it was fun to read. That video at the end? About OTH? That was the perfect ending to this entry.

  2. I just typed out such a long comment and it said "sorry we are unable to complete your request" :(

  3. Dang it! I am supposed to be working on a project for school and your post makes me want to go grab Ari's OTH season 3 to watch that episode!

    I remember when my roommates would spend hours everyday watching OTH in my living room and I would never be interested. They made me watch the school shooting episode and I was hooked! This show makes me cry almost every episode. I feel like there is always a tear jerker.

    I like all of the main characters too, but I also like some of the minor characters as well Whitey is so cute, and so is Jamie Scott :)

    Now that we've been to Rivercourt, it's even cooler to watch old episodes!

    I haven't watched season 7 yet either. I want to watch season six again and force myself to get into season 7. It probably isn't that bad. I'm just short on spare time to watch it.

    I'm glad Nanny Carrie is gone. I hated her! I was too nervous when I watched those episodes.

    Well I miss you Bets! Good post!

    P.s. Maintenance came to fix something at my apartment today and I asked them who called them. They said "Bed C" meaning Ari, who is in Bedroom C. I thought they said "Betsy" and told them that they had the wrong apartment hahaha.

  4. Chelsea: Yes you should start watching OTH! I figure you would like that Peyton draws! lol. Yeah that video at the end was really fan video someone made!
    Kim: OMG! I completely forgot to put that we went to the Rivercourt! haha! Yeah I love Whitey too! Jamie was cute in 5 and 6 but he kind of bugs me now lol. Yeah some episodes I've seen of Season 7 weren't too bad but some of them were real bad! lol.
    Haha funny about that last part you wrote!