Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My second favorite show of all time is Friends! I tried updating this a couple days ago but for some reason it was coming up as error. Anyways I love Friends and it's a close second to my number one favorite show which will be unveiled tomorrow or in the next day. It's one of the funniest shows ever in my opinion. I can watch reruns all day and still laugh hysterically. It's a great funny show with some definitely tears scenes.

I didn't start watching it until later in the series, probably in the middle. I was too young when it started but my family always watched it and I was always curious. So they were the ones that definitely got me into the show. I don't know if I have a favorite, I think I love them all equally. But I would say the funniest out the bunch to me is David Schwimmer(Ross). He is such a dork but the way he acts, he makes his character hilarious to watch. Everyone was likable on the show and I don't think anyone got on my nerves ever.

I can't really pick a favorite episode there are way too many to choose from. I want to say that season 4 or 5 was my favorite but I love all the other seasons too. It would be awesome if they had a reunion or a movie soon but it probably won't happen because Jennifer Aniston thinks she has "better" roles to do than Rachel except that's what kind of character she played in since Friends ended in 2004! I'm not trying to be mean to her but it's true she just needs to branch out into different roles. Anyways this show will always be one of my top favorite shows and I wish there were more reruns of this show on TV!

I'm not going to post any videos of Friends because I figure most people have seen the show at least once! Plus, I'm having a hard time embedding videos from youtube for Friends for some reason.
This is probably one of my favorite episodes! It's Chandler & Joey V. Rachel & Monica. They play a game to see which team knows one another better and they bet some of their most treasured things. 

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  1. I like Ross too! I'm not a huge Friends fan, but I watch it from time to time and I really like David Schwimmer in it. Funny fact; when I was a cheerleader, we did a routine to the theme song of friends lololol