Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Nip Tuck is one of my favorite shows and always will be. I didn't start watching until the middle of the series started. It was a very provocative show and it definitely pushed the limit. It had so many crazy story lines, crazy characters, and crazy scenes. Right now I am going back and watching it from season one on Netflix. I only watched some episodes from seasons 1-3 and thought I should watch them all. Let's just say that I'm glad I did because now I realize that season 1 so far is the best I've seen of the seasons I've seen.

I just finished watching the episode called Adelle Coffin and it was an amazing episode to say the least. It mainly centered on the suicide of Megan who Sean is having an affair with. Megan's cancer returns after she survived it earlier on and she couldn't go through it again so she decides to end it on her terms. Dylan Walsh(Sean), Julie Warner(Megan), and Joely RichardsonI(Julia) were superb in this episode.

It was a very painful to watch and I've seen some heart wrenching things on TV shows but this took the prize as the most hard to watch. To watching Megan taking her own life, to the funeral, then to Sean admitting to his wife, Julia he was having an affair with Megan it was all depressing to watch. Nip Tuck is probably my fourth favorite show and I think I'm going to write about my other top 3 favorite shows in the next few days. Since I don't like talking what else to talk about on here! I definitely recommend watching Nip/Tuck from season 1-6. As the seasons go on they're not as good as the earlier ones but still watchable.
Here are some clips from the episode. 


  1. Oh god. Rocketman nonetheless. That song is all about alienation and loneliness. This is making me sad as hell and it's 20 seconds in! AND WHY IS THIS GUY JUST SITTING THERE WATCHING HER DO IT!? Why does she kill herself?! Oh my god. This is too much. Saddest thing I've watched in awhile.

  2. He protested but she wanted to do it. She got cancer for the second time and didn't want to go through it again I guess.